Python: Setting up in Windows 7

  1. Download latest 2.x at
  2. Set Environment path: C:\Python27;C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\;C:\Python27\Scripts\;
  3. Install Setuptools:
    1. Download the script
    2. Open CMD
    3. Go to the script directory
    4. Run the script: python
    5. Exit once done (Ctrl + Z, then Enter)

Test your installation by open up CMD, and type in python. You should see something similar to the screen shot below.


Following are optional:

  1. Install pip: C:\> easy_install pip
  2. Install the followng using pip
    1. Mechanize: C:\> pip install mechanize
    2. BeatifulSoup4: C:\> pip install beautifulsoup4
    3. CSVKIT: C:\> pip install csvkit



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